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We believe that an intranet should be much more than just about information sharing. We believe that it should provide an integrated solution for Content Management, Document Management and Portal functionality. We believe that it should provide a powerful yet flexible tool for managing corporate and operational business processes that will meet the needs of the users, the board and IT.

We cater for different sizes of organisations by providing a flexible licensing scheme. We help those who are starting their first intranet to get it right first time. If you need to upgrade or redesign your intranet, Intelligent Intranet provides a future proof and scalable solution. Large organisations with multiple business divisions achieve the right balance of central service and divisional autonomy with our Intelligent Enterprise edition.

Intelligent Intranet is such a versatile solution that it caters for almost any business sector - in fact, we have not come across one yet that it would't suit. Intelligent Intranet is used by organisations across multitude of business sectors, including professional services, retail, manufacturing, R&D, property, police forces and central government, hospitality and housing associations.

Still think that what you need does not exist?
Our application development team can help and you get the best of both worlds - cost effective foundation of a standard product plus any tailoring or bespoke development required to meet your unique needs.

Intelligent Intranet™ is a a powerful and flexible off-the-shelf tool for managing corporate and operational business processes.

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