Are you sending visitors away from your site?

Posted on Jul 15, 2013

This may be the unintended consequence of using a variety of free third party tools. Whether it is blogs or surveys or a separate careers site, it appears that even some major organisations are inviting their customers to move away from their main website.

It may be that they originally wanted just to trial some tools out there. Or it is simply because their website content management does not have the required capability. Perhaps it is an entirely different department that is making decisions and outsourcing parts of the website without consulting the digital communication team. Most of the third party tools can be upgraded to a paid version so that the site URL looks like your own but then you don’t even get the financial benefit.

Whatever the background, it is always better to capture all your customer interactions in an integrated environment – it maximises your interactions, makes reporting easier and consistent and also means that you control what content and adverts the customer sees. And it gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a better experience whilst you gain a more indepth understanding of your customers.

If that's not enough, there is the data protection to think about. If your organisation is in the UK, keeping it all within your main website makes sure you don’t inadvertently breach your data protection duties by storing customer data outside the EU.

At Smart Media we are constantly focusing on providing a comprehensive, state of the art CMS and expertise to create a coherent digital implementations for our customers.

If you have inherited a mashed up website, or are at risk of ending up with a patchwork quilt, contact Eleanor on 01256 346454 to discuss how you can engage your customers, streamline your processes and embrace the digital innovations.